The album solo, Carole HÉMARD « ONETET » La Voix à 360 °, is here !
10 May 2007 Concert Carole Hémard Onetet (la voix à 360°) et "bande à part" au Swan Bar, 165 bd du Montparnasse PARIS 6è
M° Port Royal,Raspail ou Vavin.
17 May 2007 Concert onetet (la voix à 360°) dans le cadre du festival Jazz Meslay-Crez à 11h30 au Chateau du Puy, à Ruille Froid Fonds (53).
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1er June 2007 Concert onetet (la voix à 360°) dans le cadre du festival Chinon en Jazz à 21h30.
8 July 2007 Concert autour de Billie Holiday (piano/chant/recitante) au Palais du Thau à Reims, projet Djaz 51.
24 July 2007 Concert 4tet Carole Hémard, Claude Terranova, Toni Bonfils, Christian Lete dans le cadre du festival Gloriana à Taradeau (Var).


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The album is available on label MUSIVI.

The full circle voice has a vision as large as the world; an ideal of a world with neither pollution nor frontiers,the flora and fauna stamped with humanity. The voice is polyphonic in its different registers, producing at the same time the rhythms(thorax,vocals, breathing,high pitch,pharynx...).
On stage i use a pedal to generate these rhythm sequences. On stage pedal-work allows me to reproduce the rythmic sequences. This album is the outcome of research and careful listening of various traditional musics: African(Pygmy,Akas,Bantou..), Asian(Mongolia,Tibet..), and from Poitou(France). Reuniting thus vocal and harmonic technics,we travel far from our so-called modern society,an experience underlined by a certain philosophy. "Seton" is a langage of my invention(notes written backwards)to denote free expression in improvised passages.
Finally an album,a voice ,a spokesperson,to proclaim the simple ideas of fraternity,love,peace and nature; especially a respect for all things!
The ecological world at the centre of man,and not man at the centre of the world.

Carole Hémard, 2006

other dates
1er October 2005 concert in Nuits Blanches at Paris 3e, in the armenian church.
19 September 2005 concert live at Radio France in the broadcast "à l'improviste" of Anne Montaron ; quatuor vocal with Andy Emler (piano).
Studio 106, Paris 16e, free entrance.
16 September 2005 concert trio (piano Claude Terranova, batterie/percu Christian Lété, voice Carole Hémard), festival Courants d'air in Manosque (04).
5 & 6 August 2005 concert Festival d'ile d'Yeu with musicians of the ONJ.
11 June 2005 concert Carole Hémard and TLB (terranova cl.,Lété chr.,Bonfils T.) at Pont sur Yonne.
15 April 2005 concert at Dassault.
30 & 31 March 2005 concert at "7 lézards" (Club Paris).
28 January 2005 concert with "de l'air", with Glenn Ferris, Carlo Rizzo, Joao Paolo ate Simone Signoret theatre, Conflans St Honorine.
8 August 2004 2 concerts : solo and trio "de l'air", "around neolithic"
  Vigneulles-les-Hattonchatel (55)
20 July 2004 concert with B.Struber jazztet (flavours of memory)
  Epernay (Marne)
6 June 2004 concert with trio "de l'air" at La Fabrique à Son
28 & 29 May 2004 2 concerts : a solo and a Master-class
  Mazamet (Tarn)
concert with B.Struber jazztet (flavours of memory)
6 May 2004 Relais culturel de Thann
10 April 2004 Festival of Vecqueville (Haute-Marne)
9 April 2004 Auditorium of CNR, Chalon / Saone
7 April 2004 evening "Prélude" : students of Anne Ducros and Carole Hémard make their concert at the Sunside (rue des Lombards, Paris 1er, 21h).
21 March 2004 concert with trio "de l'air" at the Sunside (jazz club)
  rue des lombards, Paris 1er
3 March 2004 concert with trio "de l'air" with especially Jean-Luc Fillon (oboe, horn, bass...) and percu+ zarb, shémirani... as part of the festival "ça va jazzer"
26 January 2004 broadcast "à l'improviste" of Anne Montaron : France musique
  Radio France, studio 106 at 18h30, free entrance
  for my solo during 50mn called "de l'air" in live
21 Octobre 2003 concert in Café Satellite (Paris, 11e) with especially Joel Grare
April 2003 concert in Suresnes
  "Semaine du Jazz"
December 2002 concert in Radio France
  improvised musics
  with B.Atchiari,Maya P., and Ramon Lopez
10 to 8 June 2002 Vocal Art Festival
  Printemps de Pérouges
  first part of David Linx
2001 concert to Radio France,
  improvised musics
  (Anne Montaron program)
  with J.Luc FILLON (oboe...), joel Grare (percussions)
26 and 27 May 2001 first part of Liz Mc Comb
  Meslay du Maine
29 April 2001 Festival " Jazz en fête "  
  Porte de Versailles  
15 and 16 March 2001 concert with Sylvain Luc (guitarist) in Annecy (the 15),
  in Suisse, Club " Le chat noir " (the16)
August 2000 Festival de Jazz de Marciac
  concert festival off